Rules for Deja’ King College Trunk Party applicants

  1. The Student MUST be a 2018 graduating high school senior.

  2. The student must write at least a 300 word essay on why he/she should be one of the winners of the Deja King Trunk Party

  3. The essay must be submitted with a college acceptance letter and high school resume attached to the essay.  If the college acceptance letter and resume is not attached in the original email with your entry essay, you will be disqualified (no exceptions). Please note- Grammar and punctuation is very important.

  4. The email must come from the student's personal email address not parent/parents email address.

  5. If you are enlisting in the military or community college, you will not qualify

  6. If you are selected as one of the winners, you and at least one parent are required to attend the meet and greet AND the Deja King Trunk Party.

  7. All contact information must be included

Thank you!

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